Could He/She be
Cheating, and Infidelity
Danine Manette
Ultimate Betrayal
Does he have some new activity that occurs on the same night every week, and to which
you are not invited?

Has she started wanting to do alone things that the two of you used to do together?

Does he return home smelling cleaner than he did when he left? Or, conversely, does he
jump into the shower immediately after walking through the front door?

Has he suddenly begun wanting to do his own laundry?

Is he experiencing a sudden, unexplained interest in getting in shape, going to the gym,
or changing his hair and general appearance?

Has he begun washing his car more frequently?

Has he started leaving his cell phone in his car at night?

Are there long periods of time throughout the day where you can't get him to respond to
your calls or texts?

Is her cell phone suddenly locked, or have her passwords all recently been changed?

Does he hang up the telephone or switch computer screens as soon as you walk into the

Does she constantly check her voice mail, E-mail or text messages?Does he send certain
calls directly to voicemail without answering when your around?

Does he constantly erase the telephone numbers and messages on his call or text logs?

Does she call you at work, or when you're away to see when you'll be home or what
you're doing, but doesn't seem really interested in having a conversation with you?

Has he begun to pick petty fights with you, after which he storms storm out of the house,
remaining gone for extended periods of time?

Have you noticed her interacting with a new guy or an ex more often on social networking

Do you suddenly find the need to adjust the passenger seat in his car every time you get

Is he extremely suspicious of you, or does he often accuse you of cheating on him for no
apparent reason?

This is a partial list of signs which might indicate a cheating spouse or partner. If
you answered "yes" to more than a handful of these questions, you might
already be in serious trouble. Although there may be valid, legitimate reasons
for your mate to have exhibited some of these behaviors, you should still make
an effort to recognize and note them as they occur.

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One of the first steps in determining the likelihood that your mate is being unfaithful is to focus on their patterns and
potential signs of infidelity. Note whether or not they have begun to exhibit behaviors that are inconsistent with their
previous routine, yet may have become more frequent in nature.

For example, ask yourself: