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Danine Manette
Investigator / Infidelity Expert
How to identify when your marriage is in trouble,

Minimum Standard of Care in mate selection,

How to recognize the clues that your spouse is having an affair,

The X-factor: uncalculated risks cheaters take,

How to confront your spouse and get the information you need,

The aftermath of discovery and its phases,

How to put your marriage back together (if that is what you want to do),

How to recognize when you or your partner is involved in an emotional

Dealing with/recognizing online/cyber affairs,

Getting Revenge: Should you or shouldn't you,

Proactive Parenting of the Cyber Savvy Child

Monitoring your child both on and off line,

and numerous other topics about and related to parenting issues and
relationships in trouble.
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Cheating, and Infidelity
Danine Manette
Ultimate Betrayal
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